Are we dead?

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Re: Are we dead?

Post#11 » Fri Jan 05, 2018 7:05 pm

I remember, my roommate and I had to provide bona fides to the Cyrus to prove we were separate people.
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Re: Are we dead?

Post#12 » Fri Jan 05, 2018 11:19 pm

Cloud Strife wrote:Hehehehehe, I like alot of different movies kind sir.

What have you watched lately that isn't an action or a comedy film? What's your favorite film from the 70s? 80s? 90s? 00s? No Star Wars or any of the big franchises. :)

Cloud Strife wrote:Christian, I guess? I was nine-man I don't really remember exactly.

I have a degree in religious studies, so these things interest me. Is there anyone you can ask? Can you describe what your church experience was like? Was there a lot of Bible reading? Did the minister talk a lot? Not all Christian churches are the same, so.

Cloud Strife wrote:Are we exclusively talking about the events here?

I was aiming more towards your comment about what you've learned. You said in an earlier post, "The end result will blow your mind." And, "I been wanting to share it with people here."

Cloud Strife wrote:I work twelve hour days third shift, and there is only so much thing to divide up between sleep, video games, friends, and well I roleplay activity at a Naruto RPG and have for the last four in a half years. And, a narutoforum that I play mafia games at.

Do you have any long term plans you're working towards or is it pretty much day-to-day for you?
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