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Re: Character 'Roll Call'

Post#11 » Wed Jan 01, 2014 3:05 pm

Name: Zinaida Minazuki
Age: 41
Hometown: Da Chao area
Current Residence: Seidou Leviathan shrine
Occupation: Shrine keeper
Birthdate: November 27th
Blood Type: AB

Zinaida is the keeper of one of the many small Leviathan shrines scattered around the base of Da Chao mountain, providing services such as divination, mediation of minor disputes, blessings and traditional medicine, as well as naming, marriage and funeral ceremonies for those too poor to afford them at one of the grander temples.

Like other Leviathan priests and priestesses she is trained in the use of materia, especially healing and protective forms but also summons. However, as is common in peacetime she has had no call to perform a summoning since her initiation many decades ago.

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Re: Character 'Roll Call'

Post#12 » Wed Jan 01, 2014 7:01 pm

That's a cool character. I like that. A lot. Manymuch. Yes.

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Re: Character 'Roll Call'

Post#13 » Fri Jan 24, 2014 9:09 am

Name: Cloud Strife

DOB: August, 19th, 1986

Age: Six Years Old

Hometown: Nibelhiem

Bloodtype: AB

Occupation: Student

History: Cloud was born in the mountain village of Nibelheim, and was neighbors with Tifa Lockhart. His father died when he was young and he was raised by his mother. As a child Cloud didn't have close friends and perhaps as a coping mechanism, convinced himself he was superior to the other village children and so didn't care for their company. He developed a crush on Tifa, but hated her friends. Although the two consider each other (and are considered by others) to be childhood friends, by Tifa's own account they were not close growing up, despite him having been her neighbor.

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Re: Character 'Roll Call'

Post#14 » Fri Feb 28, 2014 4:54 pm

NAME: Kingsley.
AGE: Unknown. He guesses around 30 judging by his reflection.
OCCUPATION: Unknown. He has large scars on his fore arms and hands. He is unsure how he got them. He spoke to a medic who suggested they may of been caused by a number of things but couldn't give a definite answer.
HOME TOWN: Unknown. Currently living in Midgar slums (various sectors).
BIRTH DATE: Unknown.
BLOOD TYPE: O- (he found out as he has sold his rare blood type blood to buy food)
PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Tall, 6feet. Muscular frame. Scars on his forearms and hands. wearing dirty dark blue boiler suit. Black unkept medium length hair. stumble. Green eyes.

The man awoke to find himself in a door way near the train station.


The rain poured into the door way and socked his dirty raggy clothes he was wearing.

Midgar?.....Why am I here.....I can't.......I can't Remember.

He stood up and felt his legs nearly give way. He was weak and he needed food. The train station was busy and people walked past his doorway carrying umbrellas.

I could do with an umbrella.

He looked around is doorway. There was nothing there. He felt his raggy clothes. He appeared to be wearing some sort of all in one suit that was dark blue in colour and had multiple pockets all over. He methodically checked each one.


Whats happening? I don't understand? why am I here.....who am I?

The man sat back in his door way. The sound of people commuting to the reactors was deafening to him. He decided to look again through his pockets. This time he found something. From his lower left leg he found a piece of paper. He pulled it out and looked at it. It was a picture of a young boy holding hands with a man.

The man stood up and immediately ran out into the rain to check his reflection in a nearby window. He was indeed the man in the picture.

But who was the boy? and why was here? and who was he?

He stood there in the rain trying to think. Trying to piece together the information he had.

He suddenly became aware of the pain on his left arm. He rolled up his dirty sleeve to reveal some deep cuts in his flesh.

The word "Kingsley" had seemingly been carved into his arm.

"Kingsley" he said out loud.

He didn't recognise his own deep voice.

"Excuse me sir?" The man felt a tug of a child at his leg.

he turned to face the little girl probably 12 years old.

"Yeah" he said still uncomfortably with his own voice.

"Whats your name?" the little girl said.

He looked back at the picture of himself and the small boy.


The little girl said.

"Can I share your doorway? I haven't had a good shelter in weeks."

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