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Character 'Roll Call'

Post#1 » Mon Sep 30, 2013 4:14 pm

Players, post which character(s) you're playing. At the very least, give a little information so that players have an idea of what your character is all about to facilitate RP. For instance:

Rufus Shinra, Vice President of Shinra, Inc.; son of President Shinra.

But, post as much as information as your heart desires. Bonus points will be given for Birthdays and Blood Types. ;)

Thanks and good luck!

Roleplay Guidelines

Final Fantasy VII: The Game is canon. But since we're playing Wutai War, we have some leeway.

Two characters per player at a time.
No playing another player's character without permission.
Be considerate, give players a chance to catch up and reply before posting again.
Travel time is to be observed.

If anyone has any input about anything, let me know. If anyone needs any help getting their character involved, let me know.
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Re: Character 'Roll Call'

Post#2 » Mon Sep 30, 2013 5:23 pm


Name: Yohei
Occupation: Rice farmer
Hometown: Rural Wutai
Birthday: February 14
Blood type: O

Yohei is a simple farmer who believes in the customs and rituals of his people. He has rudimentary martial arts skills and wields a bamboo staff.
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Re: Character 'Roll Call'

Post#3 » Mon Sep 30, 2013 6:06 pm

Name: Hojo
Occupation: Head, Science Division, Shinra, Inc.

Hojo is only a passable scientist. So he has built his career on ruthlessness to satisfy his ambition. From assassinating rivals, to conjuring up bizarre, though ultimately powerful, experiments, there is nothing "the Professor" will not do to achieve his goals.

Name: Manzo
Occupation: Rice farmer
Hometown: Rural Wutai
Birthday: January 21 (Blue Monday)
Blood type: AB positive (Universal Recipient)

Manzo is a farmer. His wife died long ago, leaving him to raise their daughter, Nikki, who has recently blossomed into a beautiful young woman. Among the farmers of his village, Manzo is well-to-do, with a reputation for being a miser, a cheapskate. Though not in favor of technology for its own sake, Manzo wishes his village would modernize with Shin-ra machinering to cut costs and increase profits so he can give Nikki a better life.
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Re: Character 'Roll Call'

Post#4 » Mon Sep 30, 2013 8:43 pm

NOTE: PLAYER QUIT 02/02/2014

Name: Cidolfas ("Cid") Highwind
Job (FF Class): Dragoon
Job (occupation): Machinist, Weapons Development, Shinra Electric Power Company
Hometown: Condor Hill (the future Fort Condor)
Current Residence: Junon
Birthdate: February 22
Blood Type: B

Cid is a competent, though not particularly talented, machinist who has just been hired full-time by Shinra. Although he has been assigned to the team devoted to the development and maintenance of Junon's defenses, his passion is aviation, and his main goal in life (at this point) is to design and pilot airplanes and airships.

Oh, and he can cuss like a sailor :P

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Re: Character 'Roll Call'

Post#5 » Mon Sep 30, 2013 9:52 pm

Name: Doctor James Hunter
Job (occupation): Scientist (ex job), Materia Development and Research (ex job), Robotics and Computing for Shinra (ex job), Medical Doctor (current)
Hometown: Midgar
Current Residence: Wutai
Birthdate: Apirl 22
Blood Type:??
Weapon: Repulser Unit built into his arm (a device that makes a small shock wave that does considerable damage to machines but only knocks back living things without much damage)

The leading mind in discovering how to refine materia into what is used today. Expert in everything materia while also very competent in robotics and computing. He worked at Shrina for most of his life till he lost his right arm in a experiment where he was attempting to make some sort of special materia though no one knows the exact details about this. As a result he now has a mechanical custom made robotic right arm. Many people know his name but not much else about as for unknown reasons a lot of his records got corrupted when he left Shinra. As a result not many people take what they hear about him as fact as his offical records say he is 52 while in person he looks around 25.

Now he works or at least attempts to work as a local doctor in wutai. Though many people avoid him as many people believe that he lost a fair part of his sanity along with his arm during the failed experiment which is why he acts rather weird. Add in large levels of drinking leaves not many people to trust him.

The Doctor's limit breaks revolve around him turning off safety locks on his arms power source. There is a lock for each limit break level (safety lock one for level 1 limit breaks) and so he will deactivate the respective one before using the move. When activated his arm will start to vent excess energy from vents on his shoulder with intensity depending on the level of limit break.

Limit Breaks:
Level 1
Time Splitter: When activated a second version of the Doc will appear within 20m of the orginal. For 30 seconds there will be two Doc's. But once the time has passed one of the Doc's will vanish though it will be the one that seemingly started the break revealing the one that was created by the limit break to be the actual Doc.

Materia Madness: When this activates the Doc connects all his equipped materia together allowing him to cast it all at once (power and affect of this greatly depends on what materia he has at the time. If he has no materia this does nothing)

Level 2
Wired Will: The Doc creates a data pulse from his arm that allows him for 3 posts to take control of Tech within 10 meters of him. Though if there are others tech directly connected to what is within the affect radius the affect can spread like a virus for those 3 minutes. This means he could control more than within 10 meters of him on the second minute. But once the 3 minutes is up the surge stops and the Doc loses control of the things he gained access to through the limit break.

Hadron Beam: The Doc charges up energy in his arm and fires a moderately powerful beam from his hand.

Level 3
The Doc's Call: The Doc's Arm creates a powerful emp blast that permanently disables all tech accept his arm within 100m. Though all people and monsters within the affect radius are stunned for a few seconds bar the Doc. This includes his allies.

Back in History: The doc reverts the physical state of him and his allies back to the physical state they were at at the beginning of the battle. This includes injuries, status affects etc

Level 4
Regeneration: When the Doc is knocked out or nearly dead if he has taken a lot of damage with in a short period of time before this his arm will automatically activate this limit break. Though it can not be used often at all and the more the Doc uses it the weaker his body physically becomes normally. This break heals the doctor back to full health with hp and mp regen for 8 posts as well as for reasons to be discovered revert aging to the point where he appears in his 20's. For this to work his body has to be somewhat in one piece ( eg not completely destroyed) though lost limbs bar his right arm will be regened when this activates. When used he can't use it again for a long time (so basically it can only be used once in the rp)
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Re: Character 'Roll Call'

Post#6 » Tue Oct 01, 2013 2:23 am

(I know this is unnecessary. So is most of my life.)

Name: Vilkas al'Rand
Current Usename: Haneul Ji

Level: 13
HP: 703
MP: 101
  • Strength: 20
  • Dexterity: 25
  • Vitality: 23
  • Magic: 22
  • Spirit: 18
  • Luck: 12
Limit Breaks:
  • Level 1 - Forked Lightning: A short but unpredictable combo attack (3x damage)
  • Level 1 - Storm Blade: Lightning infuses his weapon as he delivers a quick, brutal attack (2x damage, and attacks deal lightning elemental damage for the duration of the battle)
  • Level 2 - Vengeance: Lightning strikes back at those who attack him (75% chance of countering physical attacks with Bolt spell. Does not cost MP)
Weapon: Hwandudaedo (Attack: 36, Attack%: 100, Growth: N/A, Slots: None)
Armor: Bolt Armlet (Defense: 74, Defense%: 8, MDefense: 55, MDefense%: 3, Growth: Normal, Slots: O=O O=O Lightning** + MP Turbo* & Counter Attack* + Empty, Special: Absorbs Lightning Elemental)
Accessory: Protect Vest (Special: Vitality +10)

Birthday: 11 October, 1970
Height: 171 cm
Weight: 82kg
Hometown: Mideel
Current Residence: Wutai
Job: SOLDIER (3rd Class)
Occupation: Spy (Inept)

Backstory: Due to an inherent racism on Shinra's part and a decided apathy on Vilkas's, he was assigned to 'integrate into and scout' the Wutai territory. He was quickly taught the language and sent off via private carrier, his entire history with Shinra hidden classified to prevent discovery. This suited him just fine, and despite only marginally looking Wutai and having an odd accent, he managed to move in with only slight difficulties, passing himself off as a youngest son moving from a remote village on the southern tip of the continent to Wutai proper, trying to find his way in life. At first he debated trying to join the Wutai military in an effort to actually accomplish his objective, but quickly passed on that as it seemed both too much effort and too likely to get him caught. At the moment he works as a messenger for the small postal service within the city. It is a job he enjoys, as it provides him with ample opportunity to avoid his immediate superiors and also take long walks.

(Don't know if the Bolt Armlet or the MP Turbo would be considered too powerful for this level, let me know if you think it is and I'll edit it)
(Please let me keep the Bolt Armlet I like it :( )
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Re: Character 'Roll Call'

Post#7 » Tue Oct 01, 2013 3:51 pm

Name: Niho
Occupation: Carpenter
Hometown: Wutai
Birthday: March 11
Blood type: B

Niho is a young man in his late teens. He works as a carpenter with his father, Nei. Niho shares Manzo's point of view concerning the introduction of new technology to his country. He loves his hometown dearly but cannot understand the hostilities from some of his kinsmen against Shinra. He is mostly indifferent about it all, but when in a heated subject, he cannot hold himself from defending Shinra and their offers.

Name: Jon
Occupation: None
Hometown: Kalm
Current residence: Midgar, Slums
Birthday: October 4
Blood type: O

Jon is a homeless man in his late 30's. He blames himself for his current situation, but that doesn't stop him to scorn everybody else. He lives in the same alley he has since he moved to the slums. He lives in a constant fear of the dangers of the slums; he also has a keen sense of survival. He doesn't think about the future, except the times when he imagines himself on a far away land. He knows some things about Midgar that most people don't.
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Re: Character 'Roll Call'

Post#8 » Wed Oct 02, 2013 1:44 pm

Name: Sephiroth
Current Residence: DATA RESTRICTED
Occupation: SOLDIER, 3rd Class

Recently officially promoted to SOLDIER with the rest of his class, Sephiroth has lived his life within various Shinra institutions - orphanage, Junon Military Academy and the Shinra building itself. At this stage of his life he has power, talent, and technical brilliance honed by a lifetime of training, but lacks experience in command or the the day-to-day realities of war. He is also unaware, and not fully in control, of the full extent of his Jenova-inherited powers, which tend to manifest unpredictably though only under truly extreme stress.

Despite his usually cold demeanor Sephiroth is highly empathic, capable of reading others' emotions, fears and occasionally even deeper into thoughts and memories - another ability stemming from his Jenova cells. He can also heal at an incredible rate, though serious injuries require a state of metabolic overdrive that consumes large amounts of energy and shuts off non-essential functions, including higher consciousness (in simple terms, he needs to be asleep or unconscious, and he'll be really hungry when he wakes up :P)

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Re: Character 'Roll Call'

Post#9 » Wed Oct 02, 2013 8:57 pm


Name: Kyle Winter
Age: 35
Birthday: June 21st
Hometown: Mideel
Blood Type: O
Occupation: Former merchant sailor and part-time smuggler.
White male, average build, 5’10” tall, grey eyes, brown/blonde hair and beard. Both hair and beard show signs of grey.

Kyle spent fifteen years working for the Shinra merchant fleet, transporting cargo and passengers across the oceans of the world. When on the verge of being made captain of his own ship he resigned from the company in mysterious circumstances.

He now lives a nomadic existence out of a small boat he purchased with his life savings after leaving Shinra. He survives mostly by doing odd jobs in various towns and transporting the occasional passengers and illicit cargo.

He has travelled all over the world, visiting every major settlement on multiple occasions. Kyle is a regular sight in bars from Midgar to Mideel and everywhere in between, where he will gladly share news and stories from far away lands with anyone who will listen.

During his travels he has amassed a wealth of knowledge on the different cultures and customs of the world. Although he received little in the way of a formal education Kyle whiled away the long hours at sea by reading numerous books, gaining a keen understanding of history and science as well as classic literature.

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Re: Character 'Roll Call'

Post#10 » Fri Dec 27, 2013 2:12 pm

Name: Alexander (Alex)
Occupation: Soldier 3rd Class
Hometown: Midgar
Birthday: April 1st
Blood type: B

Alex grew up as a orphan in Midgar. He couldn't remember what really happened to his parents but he didn't really care. He was strangely drafted into Soldier. After a incident where Alex at the young age managed to stop a group of Rogue Shinra soldiers hiding in the slums Shinra took him in. Though the exact details of what happened in that incident are a little blurry no one really seems to care.

Outwardly Alex is a very kind 15 year old, always willing to help and never questioning any order. With his seemingly good personality and very good reactions after spending a childhood fending for himself quickly got to move through soldier. This was even better as with no family there was no issues with any of modifications they did to him like they did to every member of soldier.

But that is only one side of his personality. Alex has another much more vicious and psychotic side to him. One who loves to inflict pain in others. Where this side of him comes from is unsure though the soldier experiments seemed to have increases the viciousness of this side of him. As so he hides behind the mask of his friendly self so he can pass all the soldier mental based exams perfectly fine. The only part of this side of him he shows normally is his somewhat care free nature with weapons. As he will happily mess round with them as they are toys. This is even more true with guns which he has a large liking for. As a result he is one of the only Soldier members who his primary weapon are guns (a pair of pistols) which he shows great ability with over a sword. As such his style of abilities is a bit different from most soldiers members with skills revolving around speed and stealth over strength.

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