2020 elections and current politics

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Re: 2020 elections and current politics

Post#51 » Sat Jun 08, 2019 10:00 am

Sup, Cloud!

But, the extent of everyone debates, has anyone really sat and really thought it all horseshit? They sit here, drum up support, money, goes on TV, make these dumb ass commercials making all of these empty promises. We are gonna do X,Y, and Z! Change, Make America Great again hoopla bullshit, been the same shit since I been a teen. Only to take office and NOT do any of the stuff they said to get them elected.

Of course it is. I've always been sympathetic to the anti-voter's reasoning. And I do question why I do it many elections.

And, the lots follow them like sheep blindly. So, my question for all of you, if you know it's bullshit (which if you don't by now, I'm shocked) and hasn't realized it's all horseshit? Democratic, Republican it's not real. It's bout money. It's about fucking us in the ass. (I mean, why is that they get paid a stipend after they leave office for the rest of their lives? (guess where that money is coming from?)

I follow it because I "hope". I "hope" we can restore functional government through the existing process. Why don't you vote third party?

Making it one endless vicious cycle and you guys debate it.


Despite finding it all distasteful, you still have your own opinions, and you too, sometimes debate it. This wouldn't be the first time you've opined. And I think that's great.

Yes politics is divisive, sometimes depressing, and many would rather opt out or not talk about it. That's what led to the creation of a separate board for such topics.

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