Deepground questions

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Deepground questions

Post#1 » Mon May 20, 2019 6:03 pm

Was just randomly thinking the other day, and was trying to get some details right in my mind.

Does anybody know why Deepground wasn't deployed during the main game? And similarly, does anyone know who was actually in charge of Deepground?

My leading theory is that it was a blackworks project that only the President knew about (though I feel like the Turks should have known, but maybe with the events of Before Crisis that got lost?), and since he got offed by Sephiroth so early on then no one was left who knew about and had the authority to deploy them. Another problem though is that it doesn't seem like Hojo knew about it, which strikes me as odd. Maybe he did know about it and just wasn't able to use it?

I know that the real reason is that Deepground hadn't been thought up yet when they were writing the main game, but that does nothing to deter me from seeking verisimilitude. So, anybody have any thoughts?

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