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My Star Wars/FF7 mash-up

Posted: Thu Oct 12, 2017 4:08 pm
by Sephiroth9611
The X-wing zoomed over the planet, oriented so that Luke could look up out of the cockpit and see the surface over his head. The Jedi marveled at the green and blue jewel, his mouth just a little open. It was Artoo's beeping that brought him back to reality.

"Sorry, Artoo, I've never felt anything like it. It's not just the life on the surface, it's like the planet itself is alive, alive with the Force!"

The droid beeped some more and Luke nodded as he scanned his readouts. I'm picking up signs of civilizations, definitely one industrial center on the northern continent. We'll land there. I'm taking us in. Get ready to start the landing cycle."

The X-wing swooped down into the atmosphere and disappeared into a cloud.

Re: My Star Wars/FF7 mash-up

Posted: Thu Oct 12, 2017 5:49 pm
by SOLDIERofficer81
Aeris was asleep in her bed, dreaming about her mother. Her real mother. Suddenly, the dream was overwhelmed by the Lifestream. In her sleep, Aeris gasped as the power of the Planet invaded her mind. And then a vision formed, as clear as a sunny day. It began with Aeris' mother smiling and then stepping back. The vision then turned upward towards the azure blue sky and beyond. In her mind, Aeris could see all the way into space. And there it was, easily visible against the curtain of starry night: a small alien craft in orbit over the Planet. From that craft Aeris could sense a single presence of almost unimaginable power. The craft began to get closer and Aeris realized it was coming down to the Planet... to land!

Aeris was suddenly awake, bolt upright in her bed. She was gasping for breath and the girl realized the Lifestream had left her with final terrifying vision. She had seen a strange chamber bathed in eerie red light. There were sealed capsules in tiered rows on either side of steps leading up to a hatch. And above the hatch in bold print was a single word:


Aeris didn't recognize the word or the place she had seen. But she knew the being in the descending spacecraft was in danger and had to be warned. The girl climbed out of bed and began to dress.

Re: My Star Wars/FF7 mash-up

Posted: Fri Oct 13, 2017 1:26 am
by Sephiroth9611
As the R2 unit finished shutting down the X-wing, Luke sat in the cockpit and looked around at his surroundings. The industrial center he had picked up from orbit had eventually turned into a massive city unlike any he had seen before. At its center was a tower rising over an elevated plate. At intervals around the perimeter of the plate were large reactors of some kind. The Jedi looked at them for a long time with curiosity.

Life creates it, makes it grow...

Yoda's words echoed through his head as Luke pulled off his gloves and started to get his things together. Unlike anything machine he had encountered before, the Force emanated from those reactors and Luke knew he had to discover their secret.

Re: My Star Wars/FF7 mash-up

Posted: Fri Oct 13, 2017 6:58 pm
by SOLDIERofficer81
Aeris was not the only one who noticed Luke's descent from space to Midgar. Heidegger had immediately notified the President when the X-wing had appeared on air defense scopes. And the President had called a crisis meeting in his office to discuss the visitor from space. Heidegger, Hojo, Scarlett, Palmer, Reeve, Rufus, they were all there. And they all their own opinions (driven by their own agenda's) on how to respond.

Heidegger wanted to send in SOLDIER (damn shame they didn't have Sephiroth around) and destroy the threat. Hojo wanted the alien captured for study and dissection. Scarlett poured over images of the alien ship and the little robot that had emerged from a socket behind the cockpit. Rufus suggested that the Turks handle this quietly. And Palmer didn't have the first clue on what should be done, saying only that since Space was his department, he should be in charge of the response.

After all had their say, the President smiled at his executives. "Hojo, you will meet your guest with open arms. Take a couple of Turks with you for protection."

Heidegger started to protest, and the President held up his hand. "Once our guest is away from his ship, then have SOLDIER move in and bring it to the Tower for Scarlet's inspection. Palmer, I will need you here by my side. Rufus, fly to Junon immediately. Sister Ray will be our fallback in case anything goes wrong.

At this last statement, Reeve, who had up until then been silent, stirred. "Sister Ray?"

Re: My Star Wars/FF7 mash-up

Posted: Sat Oct 14, 2017 3:46 pm
by Sephiroth9611
Luke was walking at a brisk pace towards the city. Artoo rolled along, beeping and whistling now and then, its little scanner up and shifting back and forth.

He had already had to fight off some kind of strange creature. Skywalker had made quick work of it with his lightsaber. The Force had flowed through him. It had been almost too much.

'It must be the planet,' Luke thought. Just then came another beep.

"What's that, Artoo?" The young Jedi stiffened as the astromech used its holographic projector to display three beings, humanoid, headed in their direction in an open ground-car. "Let's get ready."

Already in the distance the sound of the vehicle could be heard. It wasn't long before it came into view. Luke put his binoculars to his eyes and took a look. A skinny man with glasses and long dark hair whipping in the wind was in the back seat next to a darker fellow who looked all business. Up front at the wheel was a lanky fellow with spiky red hair.

Artoo beeped worriedly and Luke lowered his binoculars and looked at the little mech. "Don't worry, we can handle them."

Re: My Star Wars/FF7 mash-up

Posted: Mon Oct 16, 2017 6:48 pm
by SOLDIERofficer81
Aeris had done her best to get to the stranger before Shinra. But now she could only watch from one of the city's gates as the ground car sped over the open wasteland towards the man and his robot companion.

Hojo and the Turks rapidly closed the distance with Luke and came to a stop about ten feet from the Jedi and his droid. Exiting the vehicle, Hojo told the Turks, "stay here." As Reno and Rude hanged back, Reno gripping his nightstick and Rude balling his fists, Hojo approached Luke cautiously, pinching his lower lip between index finger and thumb as he regarded the stranger.

Luke appreciated the moment and stopped, allowing himself to be inspected. Artoo beeped with concern and rolled up against Luke's leg. Luke put a comforting hand on Artoo's dome.