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The Alarm Rings Loudly! The child stirs in his bed, letting out a groan, he reaches over tapping the alarm off. Sitting up, he rubs the sleep out of his eyes, moving the covers off himself while sitting on the side of his bed. Looking over the on the bedside table is a picture of his father, a strong man, Cloud just stares at the picture for a couple minutes, rubbing his hands on the glass covering the picture. His last memory he has of his father, even though he longs for his missing father, a person he never really has known, no tears, no emotions appear on his face. He is void of any emotion. He turns on the light and begins getting ready for school, he knows he is gonna see his friend Tifa and chances are might get into it with another kid at school today.

"First day of school, got to make sure everyone at school knows who is boss."

His mother wonders into the doorway, just staring at her bundle of joy. She has blond hair, pulled back with a couple frayed ends, the wrinkles in her forehead from the stress of raising boy alone, and not actually having the time to grieve her husband's death, coupled with Cloud's antics with the kids, she is aging more. Her dress a bright blue, with a grey belt fastening it tighter, bright green eyes, angled features round out her face. Cloud hasn't noticed his mother until she gracefully walks in and hugs him from behind, making him blush, as she bends down onto her knees to come to eye level with Cloud.

"You know I Love You right Cloud?"

"Yes mom, I love you to."

"You going to get along with the school kids today? You gotta make more friends than Tifa now Cloudy."

"Mom, I do have friends."

"Who besides Tifa? I always see you fighting and lashing out at anyone who disagrees or gets close to you."

"There is Jimmy, and Tim over there by the mansion."

"I've never met them, perhaps you should invite them and Tifa over for dinner sometime?"

"Okay mother."

"Hurry and dress, so we can get some breakfast before you have to leave. I made some eggs, and bacon and you're favorite, buttermilk biscuits."

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