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Re: The Shinra

Post#151 » Wed Feb 11, 2015 6:24 pm

One of the senior Firsts strode into the meeting room, and assembled SOLDIERS snapped to attention.

"We have received word that Wutai has just run a test of military technology of unprecedented power."

Grainy images of a massive magical barrier flickered up on the room's main screen, and a murmur ran through the room.

"From the sudden change in technological capacity it is obvious that Wutai has allied itself with dangerous continental terrorist groups, and most likely has appropriated Shinra military technology."

"Later today Shinra will formally demand the surrender of any and all misappropriated company assets, the handover of a suspected terrorist known to be currently on Wutain soil, and cessation of certain activities detrimental to international trade. If no agreement can be reached, Shinra will employ military force to reclaim its property and apprehend individuals considered to be a threat."

"This is not a declaration of war, so no getting ahead of yourselves. Also, friends and family learn about this when official announcements are made and not before. Any questions?"

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Re: The Shinra

Post#152 » Thu Feb 12, 2015 2:05 am

Alex couldn't help but smirk. His other side was way to riled up. This announcement was what he had been waiting for. He needed to be sent to Wutai. The idea of starting a war was just too good. But he couldn't just go and ask to be sent out there. That would raise too many questions. Alex needed to play his "normal" self that the higher ups liked.

Alex-"I have two"

For Alex this was a bit of a trial but ow would it be worth it. Finally he would be able to have some un-hindered fun.

Alex-"What prep is being done in relation to Wutai's sudden advancement rate in tech. If we don't know how quickly their advancing at it could cause problems in any offensive or even defensive strategies. If wutai is not observed till we are ready to take action it would put us a disadvantage."

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