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Re: The Shinra

Post#11 » Sat Oct 12, 2013 11:15 pm

Sephiroth had nothing else scheduled for the evening. He sat down on the edge of the bed, momentarily at a loss. He wasn't good with downtime, especially not when there were things on his mind. Like all this talk of war, and now Hojo. The scientist was up to something. That was a bad sign.

He fell back on his strategic training. Step back. Analyse the situation.

War seemed inevitable. Maybe not this war, but a war. Anti-Shinra sentiment would come to a head somewhere. If not Wutai, then somewhere else. Corel perhaps, or Cosmo Canyon. Both had proved strongly resistant to Shinra. Corel was heart of the old power industry, coal and oil mining country. Cosmo Canyon, like Wutai, rejected mako energy on the grounds of tradition and superstition.

As things stood now, war would be bad for the Science department. Focus would shift to Weapons Development, which competed with the Science department for jurisdiction over materia research already. Public Safety would see a considerable increase in budget, at the expense of other departments. Urban Development... would lose out in the short term, but there would be a need for post-war rebuilding should things go badly, and development in Wutai if things went well.

SOLDIER, though... that changed the dynamic. The Science department would have a stake in large-scale conflict. Less chance of being shut out by the other departments, less chance of losing perceived relevance. If SOLDIER proved effective, even better. Sephiroth tensed. Just how long had Hojo be planning this?

As for himself... Technically he was too young for military service, despite the fact he had graduated. That meant he would be back at the Shinra building on a permanent basis, at least until he was old enough or the company had other plans for him. He'd been trying not to think about that.

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Re: The Shinra

Post#12 » Sat Oct 26, 2013 11:05 pm

The messenger from Science found Sephiroth at last! "Been looking all over for you. Here, orders from Hojo."

The man handed over a sealed green envelope with "EYES ONLY" printed in black across the top. The messenger gave something that might pass for a salute (such are the times with war looming on the horizon), turned and hustled away.
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Re: The Shinra

Post#13 » Sun Oct 27, 2013 10:01 pm

Sephiroth had been tucked away in a quiet corner of the Shinra archives, trying to study. He rolled his eyes at the messenger's retreating back. A salute in this situation already said clueless civilian, never mind the quality.

He examined his orders. This was... different to the straightforward monster eliminations that were his usual assignments. It would be challenging, not only of his combat skills but his ability to plan and strategise. Despite himself, he was intrigued. Could he really pull this off? His mind was already racing with possibilities, approaches, potential problems. He couldn't help himself; on some level he had been presented with a puzzle, and something in his nature demanded he find a solution. And the chance to see if it would work in practice was compelling.

If nothing else, Wutai was a long way from Hojo.

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Re: The Shinra

Post#14 » Mon Oct 28, 2013 3:38 pm

The shinra buildings communication department received a message with the recording of the Doc's conversation with Yohei in Wutai with the Doc stating his intent to get captured by the Wutai. Though the name on who sent this report was Vilkas al'Rand which made sense as he was one of the soldier agents in the area. But either way the message soon got attention thanks to the number of red flags it was getting.

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Re: The Shinra

Post#15 » Wed Oct 30, 2013 7:14 pm

OOC: Hope I'm not overstepping the RPing outside your character bounds here

"...and I'm telling you, there's no way Vilkas sent that. I'm not sending a Third Class kid out to a contact who could be well be compromised. ...of course I know who he is, but it's the principle of the thing..."

Sephiroth stood to attention as one of the Firsts arguing in the next room emerged.

"At ease." The First frowned and pinched the bridge of his nose. "Mission is on hold until we know more about the situation out there. Or until the Science Department pushes it through anyway. Could be days, could be hours. Get prepared, rest up, be ready to go at any time. Dismissed."

"Sir." Sephiroth kept his tone and expression neutral. In reality he wasn't sure what he felt. Disappointed? Relieved? Frustrated? He dismissed the thoughts as he turned. Such feelings didn't matter.

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Re: The Shinra

Post#16 » Wed Oct 30, 2013 8:09 pm

OOC: Not at all, I think it works in perfectly

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Re: The Shinra

Post#17 » Fri Nov 01, 2013 12:34 am

It was an unexpectedly cold night. "The weather sure's been messin' 'round with us." Jon wasn't really thinking about the sudden drop in temperature. The loud and regular grumbles coming from his gut were now beginning to hurt. That's when he knew he should probably find something to eat. He left his home (only him could call that to a messy arrangement of carboard pieces and torn, ragged sheets), made sure that nobody is close, and went on his way.

Dragging himself across the streets, he goes straight for the markets. It wasn't a long way from where was right now, and, most important of all, it wasn't dangerous for him. After ten minutes or so, he can already smell the sweet aroma of fried food and grilled steaks. He was beginning to grow desperate. As he was getting nearer, the odors of the delicacies became unbearable to somebody who hasn't properly eaten for some time. He goes round one corner and stops to his right, in front of a building. He could hear the deafening sound of cracking and frying of the eggs, to which his body would reply back with an even louder rumble. He dared into the restaurant, only to be thrown out in the first minute.
he first
For twenty minutes, he got in diners and bistros, politely (in his own way) asked for food, and was refused each time, until he finally found a place where he got to enjoy some leftovers. He got the chance to stay and talk to the cook, Ford, for a while.

"Enjoying those noodles, ey?", Ford laughed. Jon had already been thanking him the food since the first bite, but he didn't mind thanking him again.

"So, how long has it been since you've been on the streets?" There was no way Jon could answer that. He had completely lost the track of time ever since he got in Midgar. What he felt as a lifetime could had been in fact some weeks. Still, he answered what he always does: "Fifteen years. Came here for a job but never got offered one." The cook's smile fades.

"No family, friends...?"

"Family's never been fond of me. They kicked me out when I was eighteen. Heard of this place and thought that I could get work here."

"How didn't you get one after so long?" Ford found odd that a man couldn't get a job, especially in the time where a lot of handiwork was needed for the construction of the plateaus.

"Seems everyone in that time that needed to put cement or walk under a door was supposed to have qualifications for it. I didn't. And so I turned to what later became the slums. I could have either become a thief or something worse. I chose neither."

Ford nodded. unsatisfied. He couldn't tell if there was any truth in Jon's answers. "Why not return back home, after all this time? I'm sure your family misses you."

"Old man's been dead for years. Never got to meet my ma'. My brother left shortly after my departure."

"...Have you ever considered leaving this place? Maybe this isn't meant for you. I'm sure you could find something out there."

As Jon was returning to his home, he began to think about what he had said to the cook. He kept wondering if Ford realized he was lying to him.
He could never give the real answers for those questions, anyways. Everything in Jon's past is like a dark fog, where he can't see two feet away. No one knows how he got to his current state, not even him. He can't even be sure of everything he remembers before coming to Midgar. Jon often blamed his loss of memory to his malnutrition, and left it at that. But this time, he tried really hard if he could glimpse some lost link in his mind. Because of this, he was led to stray from his path, and, unknowingly, went all the way towards sector 7.
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Re: The Shinra

Post#18 » Sun Nov 10, 2013 12:09 am

Technically he was not supposed to be training while on standby for a mission. But he had found himself completely restless, unable to settle his thoughts or the uneasy feeling that had settled in his stomach. It was not as if he was going to wear himself out. Just lose himself in the immediacy of combat for a while, make all the emotional distractions go away.

It was getting late, and there was no one else in the training room. Perfect. Sephiroth picked up a practice sword and set up one of the training mechs. They were not his first choice of opponent, too predictable, but until development on the new VR facilities was completed there was little choice.

Sephiroth moved largely on auto-pilot against the low level settings, and his mind soon started to wander. He should not be letting this affect him so badly. It was just a mission. Circumstances changed, new information had to be taken into account. It would be reckless to send a single operative into such an unknown situation.

He could do this. He refused to let all his training, all his life, be nothing more than a theoretical exercise. He needed to prove that he could perform in a full scale military situation, that he wasn't just some... some...

And if he did complete this mission, it could start a war. He could start a war...

Sephiroth drew back from the training mech and let it go back to idle mode. This wasn't working. He needed to force himself to focus.

He adjusted the difficulty to the highest setting and started again.

That was better. He settled into the workout, the need to act and react faster than conscious thought pushing him into that relieving, almost trance-like state where nothing mattered but the now.

The next thing he knew there was a sharp jolt of electricity up his left arm, and all the lights in the room went out at once. Sephiroth let go of the sword, which was now jammed firmly into the guts of the machine right through the central control mechanics.

Well, now he was in trouble. That machine had probably been expensive, and he was beginning to suspect he had blown all the fuses on the floor. He could make a run for it before anyone came to investigate... no, that sort of behavior had a good chance of getting him sedated and dragged off to the labs. Best to wait here and face whatever was coming.

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Re: The Shinra

Post#19 » Mon Dec 30, 2013 2:22 am

The door to the training room slid open.

Alex-"Now now someone has made a bit of a mess haven't they."

Alex was standing in the door way twirling a pistol on one of his fingers of his right hand. He was a bit taller than Sephiroth that was mainly was just thanks to him being a bit older. His uniform was rather scruffy as per usual and so was his bright red hair.

Alex-"Damn Sephy you have done a number in here haven't you."

He took a look round the room and sighed.

Alex-"Oh well guess there's only one thing I can."

Alex stopped spinning to gun , gripping it in his hand he brought it up to point at Sephiroth. He left it like that then smirked changing his aim sightly and unleashing a clip of automatic fire onto the wall behind Sephiroth though not a single shot came close to him.

Alex-"There now it just looks like a sparing session went wrong, plus I had leave to use the training room now. So I will just say I dragged you along that should keep you out of any trouble. The repair guys ow me a favor any way so they won't make a fuss."

He loaded a new clip throwing the empty onto the floor to add to the scene. Alex lowered the gun pointing it at the hilt of Sephiroth's sword. Firing he hit the hilt directly dislodging it from the floor sending it clanging to the ground.

Alex-"Next time I recommend searching the medic bays for some shrapnel. Then you can say one of the trainee's stupidly let of a grenade in here. They have done it a few times before so it's a really goo cover story if you break anything."

Now with the gun once again spinning on his finger he laughed.

Alex-"Come on grab your sword, time to get out of here I think."

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Re: The Shinra

Post#20 » Mon Dec 30, 2013 10:28 am

Sephiroth didn't flinch as Alex opened fire. Attempting to dodge shots not aimed at him made him more likely to be hit, not less, and he didn't sense any hostile intent. Instead he watched carefully for the subtle muscular twitches and actions of the gun machinery that indicated the next target - if Alex did send a bullet directly at him, he would be ready to retaliate.

"There now it just looks like a sparing session went wrong, plus I had leave to use the training room now. So I will just say I dragged you along that should keep you out of any trouble. The repair guys ow me a favor any way so they won't make a fuss."

The cover story would hold, if it wasn't held up to too much scrutiny. Though he had to wonder what Alex had done that the repair team owed him a favor, unless his reasoning was something along the lines of I haven't shot at any of them recently.

Sephiroth did have to dodge the next bullet as it ricocheted off the hilt of his sword. Alex barely seemed to notice.

"Next time I recommend searching the medic bays for some shrapnel. Then you can say one of the trainee's stupidly let of a grenade in here. They have done it a few times before so it's a really goo cover story if you break anything."

"Come on grab your sword, time to get out of here I think."

"If I went to the medical bay people" - one person in particular - "would just start asking questions," Sephiroth sighed, retrieving the sword. There was some superficial damage on the hilt where the bullet had hit, but nothing too serious.

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